KEYT: Night Lizard Brewing opens and will return some profits to environmental causes

KEYT: Night Lizard Brewing opens and will return some profits to environmental causes

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. – The newly opened Night Lizard Brewing company in Santa Barbara plans to return a portion of the profits back to environmental groups forever.

The company is brewing on site at 607 State Street. Customers can see the process, and meet the staff behind some of the recipies.

Owner John Nasser says it was a dream after a long business career to open a craft brewery with his family.

The name Night Lizard is named after a rare lizard found on the nearby Channel Islands.  A large painted logo inside the brewery has the mission statement which is dedicated to fresh beers, and a commitment to the environment.

Nasser said, “So the fact that we are giving a10 percent back to targeted environmental groups is not by chance. My son (Chip) is an environmental science major and meagan (his daughter) is an environmental science minor. They heavily focus on the environment and they help my wife Nancy and I really understand that this is really important.”

A website phrase superimposed over glasses of beer reads “Drink this, save the planet.”

The attractive and hand crafted bar top along with some tables are made from a locally sources fallen redwood from the Santa Barbara Riviera.  Nasser said he had been looking for the right wood for a bar top as far north as the state of Washington.

The walls were stripped down during the remodeling of a furniture store and Nasser believes the building once served as a jail based on some of the items they discovered.

The front entrance is a patio setting with a gas fireplace and some seating with pillows that feature the lizard logo.

Thursday night some of the guests were playing chess and other board games while enjoying beers and 72 degree weather.

Inside the tables near the walls have outlets for those using their computers or charging phones.

The brewery is dog friendly.

Under a new ABC liquor license agreement with the City of Santa Barbara the business will be closing nightly at 12:30 a.m.

The plan to open this business dates back to December of 2016.  The combination of converting the existing site and the often challenging city review and inspection process has been a 20 month journey for the family owners.

Nearby several businesses have closed in the last year including Aaron Brothers, Panera Bread, Blush, Tonic and Verizon.  Nasser hopes Night Lizard will begin the process of energizing the downtown district again.

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