About Us


Night Lizard Brewing Company is committed to producing the highest quality craft beers using the freshest local ingredients, while inspiring and educating the public on current environmental challenges facing the central coast.


John Nasser

John has spent his career to this point in commercial roles in the healthcare industry. Johnson & Johnson and Amgen combined represent over 36 of his 39 years in the industry. He has a heavy background in sales and development of staff. His focus with Night Lizard Brewing Company is customer satisfaction by crafting the best possible beer while at the same time giving back to the environment.

Megan Nasser

Meg’s dedication to conservation started when she moved to California in 2002 and began reading the works of John Muir. She has since become an avid backpacker throughout California’s Sierra Nevada range and beyond. Her passion for the outdoors, and the peace that one can achieve while trekking through an untouched wilderness has inspired her to commit to the preservation of such spaces, and their inhabitants. Is there a better way to help endangered species than by enjoying a delicious beer? Meg doesn’t think so. She is looking forward to seeing what an impact these tasty brews can have on plants and animals in need of help, both big and small.  Her favorite beer is Night Lizard’s Scripps’s Stout.

Chip Nasser

For the past 20 years Chip has been trying to find his niche. He has worked in the retail, biotech, education, environmental protection, construction and service industries. But none have been able to capture his love of the outdoors and delicious beer.  This led to the creation of Night Lizard Brewing Company and its unique mission to create the highest quality beer and give 10% back to the environment.

Andrew Kormondy

Andrew is especially fond of stouts and porters and has been known to enjoy beers best with “pond life” in it.  The allure of brewing up a batch with some real meat to it has helped Andrew strive to brew better.  As a level 1 Cicerone, he appreciates the craft of brewing, pouring, and tasting the uniqueness of each beer style.  Growing up in rural New Jersey helped develop Andrew as a lover of wildlife, farmland, and the outdoors. The Nassers have been like a second family to Andrew and Night Lizard Brewing Company marks an exciting chance for him to help preserve the environment for years to come.

Clayton Brackley

Clay has had a passion for brewing beer for over 12 years, and has worked for notable breweries such as Sleeping Lady Brewing Company and Fall River Brewing. While studying forest management and living in Anchorage, Alaska and later Shasta Lake, California, Clay fell in love with pure wildernesses and decided he wanted to keep those places pristine for future generations. His favorite Night Lizard beer is
the Tiger Salamander Saison, and his favorite blended beer is the “Tiger Catcher” – 1/2 Saison, 1/2 hazy IPA.

Out of 40+ breweries, our beer was voted people’s choice 3rd place best brewery! Thank you to the California Brew & BBQ Fest for having us!

Team Night Lizard working hard on their plan to save the planet, one beer at a time!

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